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Introducing VIP suppliers as available resources and service providers as a part of the LiveIAG referral network serving the Michigan’s Apartment Communities, i.e. Movers, Cleaners, Repair, Rebuilding, and Rental Services. As well as Restaurants, Bars, Retail Centers, Body Shops, Gyms, Spas, and Entertainment Venues. LiveIAG utilizes local resources to develop hyperlocal business directories. The service network improves the capabilities for small businesses to communicate through custom Digital Design Marketing Services.



  • Hotels
  • Employers
  • Apartment Communities
  • Movie Theaters for a Grab & Go
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Housing Agencies
  • Association
  • Conferences & Conventions
  • Merchants

The business owners are encouraged to schedule a Free 1 to 3 hour Needs Assessment prepared by the IAG Professional Consulting Services – An Expert Cohort Group. The result to the business owner will be to receive important “Innovative Critical Thinking Assessments” backed by a Proposal of the Tools & Support needed. Each custom scoped proposed plan will transform the areas of your business. In the areas of the non-performing practices into a successful vital automated best practiced process to grow your community – no matter what size.

Download by texting DemoIAG to the number 36260 to receive the link.

It is very important to improve the strategic planning results with additional round-table insight discussions with Expert Cohort Groups who are entering into market expansions to higher volume opportunities. The implementation and release of the IAG Tech-Stack WL SaaS Platforms will allow for launching new consisten mobile WL Apps. The marketing strategy will provide partnerships (profit/nonprofits) with shared monthly residual revenue.

It is our hope to create the ongoing packages needed to complete the scope of work for building new client funnels to provide user friendly solutions that are well supported, and successful for the consumer, merchant, and providers.

  • Community
  • Residents
  • Businesses

The SaaS solutions with Professional Services can turn meetings into real value add propositions under a referral program.

AS AN EXAMPLE OF CURRENT SERVICES USING TECHNOLOGY: LiveIAG assists 200 Family Renters every month across the state of Michigan who have been denied housing because of damaged credit. LiveIAG provides the first step with a Yearly Master Lease Program that provides a safe apartment housing near school or work. The program includes access to resources like Coaching and Instruction Coursework to Repair, Rebuild, and Reward Willing Learners.

Thought provoking video clip is used during a roundtable discussion or a backdrop during a luncheon.

Having good credit impacts people’s financial and mental health in many ways — from having access to loans and insurance to qualifying for housing to having peace of mind your family is safe.

For those living in low-income households or experiencing poverty or homelessness, a good credit score may not be as easy to achieve as it is for higher-income earners. Yet, having access to credit can become even more vital when you’re trying to lift yourself out of debt. Thirty percent of adults experience a financial hiccup in life by thirty years of age. Many people have jobs, children, and living in a hotel or their car as they stepped out of a bad relationship to find out they have no credit. It can be hard to break the poverty cycle without it.

How do you build credit if you’re barely making ends meet? The LiveIAG application guide and service will help you learn how to build credit in a step-by-step plan. You’ll also learn how to qualify for credit cards even if you have bad credit. Most importantly the program will provide you the opportunity to find housing near school or work when you have been denied because of credit.


Those that are Registered Members of the LiveIAG Referral Network and Financial Fitness Program can receive PERKS, INCENTIVES, and REWARDS. The Members of the Group offers different REVENUE PLANS for those WORKING LEARNERS who want to “Learn & Earn”. How to be good REFERRAL PARTNERS. The Referral Program is Valued at $, and is avaliable by