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Eviction Diversion Program (EDP)

To review the EDP Directions – Please visit the Master EDP PAGE

Please call the agency listed for your community to receive the most current information on resources available for residents who fell behind on their rent during COVID-19. Some offices may be closed for in person visits, so please call first.

Kent County – Eviction Diversion Program (EDP) Contact:

The Salvation Army Social Services
8:30 – 4:30pm Monday – Friday
1215 E Fulton St
Grand Rapids 49503
(to the door with the giant white board)
2-1-1 or (616) 454-5840
Documents may be submitted one of three ways:
Landlord/Property Managers OR tenant applicant may submit the requested documentation
a. via email to
b. via fax to 616-459-5372, please write “EDP” on the documents
c. in person at The Salvation Army Social Services office,

As a Tenant, please make sure you have completed the following items:

1.   Call HAP at 616-454-5840 for a referral to the EDP program

2.   Complete the tenant application: MSHDA EDP Tenant Application

3.   Submit all requested documentation: which may include:

a.   A copy of the Notice to Quit (letter from your landlord or property manager that tells you rent is past-due) or a court-ordered summons, complaint, or judgement

b.   Copy of State ID for the tenant application (with proof of residency if the address does not match the unit)

c.   Most current copy of the lease agreement in the applicant’s name (if a written lease was completed)

d.   Proof of earned and unearned income for household members who live at the property and are over the age of 18 (30-days of income)

4.   CHECK YOUR EMAIL frequently for updates from

5.   Documents may be submitted one of three ways: 

Landlord/Property Managers OR tenant applicant may submit the requested documentation 

a.   via email to

b.   via fax to 616-459-5372, please write “EDP” on the documents

c.   in person at The Salvation Army Social Services office, 1215 E Fulton St Grand Rapids, MI (to the door with the giant white board)

2.   You can also follow-up with your landlord to verify that they have submitted the separate landlord application and the documents.

To learn about other funding possibilities please review the content below.

Quick Links
Kent County Financial Resources

2-1-1 United Way – 1-800-552-1183
If you are in immediate need of financial resources for eviction, utility shut-off,
food, diapers, clothes, transportation, etc., dial 2-1-1 and a resource specialist will
tell you what resources are in your area. If you experience problems dialing 2-1-1,
dial 1-800-552-1183. Alternatively, you may use their text service by texting your
zip code to 898211.

Kent County and Grand Rapids rent assistance.

Several assistance programs can help tenants pay their rent in Kent County and Grand Rapids Michigan. Emergency funds, crisis assistance, counseling, and other support is administered by non-profits, charities, churches, and a number of other organizations. The goal is to help prevent homelessness, so funds for rental assistance, security deposits, and other housing costs can be paid.

Information is listed below on the Grand Rapids area rent assistance programs and places to call or stop by at for help. Many of the services and programs focus on those low income individuals who have an eviction notice, however most people who need help can access some type of services, the least of which being counseling and referrals to local charities or government assistance programs. Most of the organizations strongly suggest that individuals or families in Kent County call for rent assistance before they fall behind.

Hispanic Center of Western Michigan: The non-profit helps Hispanics in the broader community with housing and other needs. The Hispanic Center of Western Michigan provides employment services, housing assistance, information on rent assistance, as well as information and referrals to local charities and also federal and Michigan government assistance programs. Address – 730 Grandville Ave. SW, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503, telephone (616) 742-0200

Inner City Christian Federation: Helps develop stable communities and families. The three main programs and services focus on offering emergency housing, rent assistance, long-term affordable rental housing and home ownership opportunities education services. This may also include funds for a security deposit. ICCF strives to meet families where they are in their housing needs and help them avoid evictions. Location – 816 Madison Ave. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49507. Phone – (616) 336-9333

North Kent Community Services – The non-profit provides limited amounts of financial assistance for individuals who are having difficulties paying their rent, housing or utility bills. Location is 10075 Northland Drive, Rockford, Michigan 49341, phone (616) 866-3478

Kent County and Grand Rapids Salvation Army – The non-profit offers programs and services that can  assist families and individuals in need of emergency rent help, temporary housing, can provide support to families in trouble with paying bills or facing eviction, and ensure that the children of the community are provided for.

Resources offered by the Salvation Army include job counseling, mortgage assistance, family development and parenting classes. As resources allow, there are a variety of other shelter and emergency rent and housing programs. Address is 1215 East Fulton, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, phone (616) 459-3433

Grand Rapids Urban League – Call 616-245-2007. If you have an eviction notice, the agency may be able to provide some forms of funding to help with up to one months’ worth of rent. There is also on-site shelter and other aid is offered too. Find more details on housing assistance from Grand Rapids Urban League.

All County Churches Emergency Support System – Over 300 churches across Kent County Michigan partner together to provide assistance, including rent, housing, and other aid, whether monetary or non-financial. Some low income families will be issued a loan as a form of emergency rental assistance from the churches. Grand Rapids, Michigan based.

Kent County Coalition to End Homelessness, which is based in Grand Rapids, MI and can be reached at (616) 632-7400, runs the federal government funded Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program. It can pay rent up to 18 months in certain cases.

Community Rebuilders – Runs a housing/rent assistance program, that is funded by HUD. The primary goal is to help low income families and individuals who are homeless or on the verge of being evicted retain existing homes or move directly into low income housing if no other options.

Any rental assistance paid is only on a short-term basis with emphasis placed on supportive services to promote participant’s increase in income and self-sufficiency over the long term. Referrals to the Community Rebuilders program come from the Salvation Army Housing Assessment Program. Office is located at 1120 Monroe Avenue NW Suite 220, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Dial (616) 454-5840

Kent County Department Of Veterans’ Affairs – Apply for limited amounts of financial assistance for expenses, including rent and housing. Assistance is offered for honorably discharged wartime veterans and their widows/widowers or dependents. Get up to one month’s rent payment to prevent a court ordered eviction, and clients can apply for grants and other support. Address 82 Ionia Avenue NW Suite 380, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, (616) 632-5722

Cedar Springs CAP – Programs include assistance in prevention an eviction eviction and mortgage/foreclosure assistance. Funds can pay for up to one month of rent or even a security deposit. Clients either must be facing eviction, on the verge of it, or behind on their housing payments. 4388 14 Mile Road, Rockford, MI 49341. Call (616) 863-9166.

Western Michigan Salvation Army –Various social services are administered, and for the most recent programs the address is That link will indicate whether any rent or other housing assistance may be available.
There are also two centers in the area, including 1215 E. Fulton Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503, phone: 616-459-9468. Another Salvation Army location is at  1120 Monroe NW Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Dial 616-454-5840.

Landlord/tenant dispute resolution and homeless assistance program is available for all people who are at risk of an eviction, or for those who are currently without a home or apartment. A referral service functions as the centralized intake in the community for all persons behind on their rent or utilities or those who are at the verge of eviction.

Work with a a counselor, for free, to create a plan to prevent homelessness or a plan for rapid re-housing. Learn about eviction prevention, rent assistance programs that may be available, shelters, and other emergency housing services and aid. They may be able to help with first months rent, security deposits, and rent arrearages. Telephone (616) 336-4001

Referral hotline provides homeless prevention to struggling families. A coalition in Kent County coordinates short term rent or energy bill help using HUD grants, they operate shelters, and other housing solutions. The HAP line can provide more information on where to apply at for money for rent and other expenses. More on eviction prevention in Kent County.

DHS in Kent County, which can be called at (616) 248-1000, can be contacted in a crisis. The government agency can direct families to rent programs, loans, and other assistance. They can help residents such as the disabled or seniors with accessing low income apartments as well.

Legal Aid of Kent County can address housing issues. They can provide advice on discrimination or help tenants with a pay or quit notice from their landlord. Other disputes over unpaid rent or the collection of deposits can be handled as well as part of free legal assistance provided. Telephone – (616) 774-0672.

Senior Neighbors – FEMA funds can be used to pay rent and mortgage expenses. Assistance is offered for first month’s rent for older adults who are homeless or in the process of being evicted from their home or apartment. Address is 820 Monroe Avenue NW Suite 460, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503-1442. Call (616) 459-6019

North Kent Community Services (616) 866-3478