Community Partnerships

By working together for people in need we can experience many benefits to accomplish more projects and programs that support members of groups and local residents in our communities.

Increase Impact
By partnering with community organizations we can combine our resources to have a greater impact at a lower cost and much of our work at no cost that compliments the work of others.

Learning New Methodologies

Partnerships can broaden our outreach beyond our local area that include other communities across Michigan. Pooling and collaborating our resources, such as staff, volunteers, time, supplies, and availability can help build and provide fulfillment services that get real work done, while reducing the costs of expensive programs that don’t work.

Eliminate Service Fragmentation
Second Chance Pathways, Inc and RezConnect Social Hubs work together to build community value with local community businesses across Michigan that share similar goals to develop better solutions.

Share Strengths and Expertise
Partnerships allow us each to take the lead on aspects of our strengths and help each other on our weaknesses for more successful projects where we have expertise. For example as a development management group we partner with community organizations and property management companies that assists those in need for low credit housing, credit repair, and lifestyle financial development programs for those needing instructions and guidance. The developing applications provide a space to host the programs and identify and assist those in need who would benefit from attending organized online group programs. While the community organizations do what they do by reaching out to community members, and coordinates volunteers to mentor, coach, and share structured path plans for capacity development.



Partner affiliate programs for community organizations to better support outreach programs for others who need fulfillment services. For example community organizations offer useful resources for managers who want to invite professionals from a particular field to an “Online Venue” to engage with Residents of the Community doing an online community training broadcast — training sessions that the community has access to for online learning and certification programs, i.e. experiential learning. Quick & Easy Stuff! Great stuff to transfer knowledge to retain and replicate.

Involve Your Community
Interacting with your community on a daily basis is an important part of fulfillment services. Making connections in the community gives members a sense of responsibility and ownership over resources for learning, which leads individuals in taking a more active role in supporting their local community the place they call home. It also encourages the entire community to become teachers by contributing their knowledge and expertise to students. As technologists, we experienced the digital transformation over the last thirty years teaching us as willing learners how to develop a modern mentoring platform.


Ultimately bringing benefits to residential communities by partnering together with other community organizations that increase a program’s impact, strengthening the financial purposes, and directly impacts the involvement of the community resident members in a way that provides an ongoing learning and education platform that builds community value.


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Higher Occupancy. Higher Retention. Increased Value. The advantages of resident’s rewards & amenities building community value through local and national company participation.

Communities need to consider educating and developing their own Private Social Networks verses depending on PUBLIC NETWORKS.